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Monday 20 February 2017

Flying Birds

Birds are the wonderful creation of God. He gave them the full freedom to roam around. They can fly where ever they want to fly. In the epic, birds are described as many characters like “Messenger”, “Fighter”, “Protector”, etc. Garuda is considered as the king of birds, who is the strongest and the bravest warrior who can jump from Earth to the Heaven in one jump. His beak was his strongest weapon by which he could pick up an area like Lanka.
He can increase and decrease his body as per his wish. There are some birds described in the holy epic Ramayana, like Jatayu, who considered as the scion of Garuda, Sakana(Kite) as the spy of Rabana(The king of Lanka).

In different temples of Lord Bishnu, there are a idol of Garuda worshiped in front of the the main Idol. In our other epic, “Pigeon” was considered as the messenger, “Swan”, “Owl”, “Pigion” are also considered as the Bahana(vehicle) of Goddess Saraswati, Laxmi, Lord Shanideba respectively.

Previously, there are different movies made with the birds. Some birds like Parrot can also talk like human beings.

Once I have captured some photographs of some flying birds from my room. As we know everything is affected by gravity, but with birds, even though they are affected by gravity, they can fly because they exhort energy to flap their wings, which pushes the air under their wings down, propelling them upwards, they also use wind resistance as how the air flows over their wings because of their shape. Its how an airplane uses its flaps to elevate and steer itself, as how a bird uses its feathers to allow the wind to flow in a certain way, allowing it to fly in different directions.

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