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Tuesday 8 August 2017

The Celebration Doesn’t Need Wealth

A celebration doesn't need any money or wealth, it only needs a mindset to celebrate that. Yesterday was the Raksha Bandhan. In this occasion, sisters ties a thread over the wrist or her brother to protect her. This was celebrated a festival of describing the love in between the bothers and sisters. In epic, there are several stories about this festival and the rituals of this festival. It's not the brother who only protects his sister, but there are others like, father, sister, mother, husband, friend who also protect them. But we give more emphasizes on the brother sister relationship through this Raksha Bandhan.

Yesterday, one of my friend sent this video via what's app. When I click on that I saw beautiful story line and an well described video about this Rakshi. A sister who collects the garages from places. Yes, they are poor and they struggle to survive. When the sisters demand a high amount of gifts from brothers, brothers also demand the same as a good looking Rakshi and good sweets etc. But this girl managed to find a Rakshi for her brother and after that, her brother also gifted her a chocolate which he collects form some where. They don't need much amount to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan. They never complained to anyone about their life style and struggle. They found the happiness from small things. They know actual the life to live and the actual thing to celebrate.

After watching this wonderful video, tears fallen from my eyes. I thanked that friend who shared such a beautiful video with me. I'm also thankful to the team who made this video. Being human is the main motive, not being social.

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