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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


To make stabele the currency in India, Prime Mininster Sri Narendra Modi took a historical step by banning the higher amount older notes i.e. 500/- and 1000/- notes. By this process the people who kept the money by hiding without depositing in the bank and not paid their taxes, couldn't do anything with this money. The thieves stolen more amount of money from the banks couldn't anything with those stolen money. And many problems will be solved by this step.

As we know, "To make a good things some bad things may come infront of us." But we should face them and defeat those small amount of problems. And we also help others to face those problems. By this step of PM, some poor people couldn't get the money from bank to bear the treatment of their patients, some couldn't able to buy the daily needed things. I also suffered from such situations. When I got the new 2000/- rupees note, many shops didn't give the needed items, because I just need with a cost of less than 200/- or 300/-. Why did they gave me the change. But some how we manage that situation and now the bank is giving more money.
Yes, some people face the problem to arrange the needs for a marriage. The govt. declared that, who have functions like marriage ceremony, they can withdraw a amount of 2,00,000/-. But some people need more in this time. So this is not a big problem, you can manage this by the cheque system.
Some people help other at their urgent requirment of money at hospitals. Amritanshu Gupta, a radio journalist helped some people by offering them the chiller notes and accepting the older notes from them.

Some also helped by ispiring the people standing in the line in front of the bank and entertaining them.

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