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Thursday 11 August 2016

Design of the Annual Magazine- Quasar 2k16

The annual E-Magazine of Government College of Engineering Kalahandi, Bhawanipatna is our dream project. First time we planned to do the annual magazine as an E-Magazine. All the members were new for this work. We had to design the Cover page as well as all other works. The cover page design was the most challenging task to us. But one of the faculty members Abhijit Sen helped us to design the cover page as well as to design the whole magazine.
Abhijit sir and Prashant took approximately 12 days to design this cover page. Prashant is from 1st year, but he helped us a lot to design the cover page as well the magazine. Among the others Bismaya is the talented guy whose poems were published in American books. Though he is from 1st year, but due to these type of achievements he became the editor in English section. For the Hindi section one of our 2nd year friend Sk Juned Jafri took an important role. He collected the articles and edited them and digitized by some the 1st year students and some by me. Finally the Odia section is totally edited and  digitized by me. Some students gave their articles after all the work over, so I couldn't manage that to put in the magazine.

Some other 1st year students like Jatin Kumar Rout, Pritam Patel, Jitendra Biswal helped us to add some technical articles, some different articles related to various areas. They wrote on some specific topic to improve the quality of our magazine.

All the coordinators also helped us to get the message from the minister. One of the coordinator was Roshni. She is extra talented. In every section her articles published. In art gallery, her paintings are also published. She helped us to solve every problems appeared in front of us. From beginning to the end she involved in making all the work possible.

Among all the faculty members in the magazine committee, Priya mam helped us a lot. If Abhijit sir was not there, we couldn't get this type of magazine or this class of cover page whose total design credit goes to him.

The promo of the magazine released on 27th march in the occasion of Annual function of GCEK. The CD provided to the guests. Now the e-magazine is ready. Here everyone can view the final magazine.

Quasar 2k16

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