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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Seven Favorite Book Covers in 7 Days- Day 3

Sangram Keshari Senapati March 28, 2018 0
Seven Favorite Book Covers in 7 Days- Day 3
I accept the challenge form the teacher, story writer, storyteller Sulagna Mohanty mam to post 7 cover photos of my favorite books. So previously I've posted the photo of "Nalichuda" and "When Only Love Remains" on Day 1 and 2 accordingly.

So, on this day 3, I've shared another love story which is written by Ravinder Singh. When I started reading this book, I don't have any idea that the author of this book was staying in Odisha. At the beginning of my reading, even I don't like the title of the book, but continued to reading, since I had paid for it. But, Gradually the story went inside my heart. This is actually not a complete love story, this is a lesson for the society, for those who are suffering from marital problems.

So, that is "This Love that feels Right". This was my 1st book of Ravinder Singh and after reading this, a number of bad things inside also changed. Yes, like SeeKen, I would definitely suggest to read this kind of books, because this is really necessary to our society. If you read the book, then half of the problem could be solved easily.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Seven Favorite Book Covers in 7 Days- Day 2

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Seven Favorite Book Covers in 7 Days- Day 2
As per the challenge from Sulagna Mam, yesterday I've posted my 1st favorite book "Nalichuda". And on this 2nd day, I must share another book. This book is very close to my heart. Nilichuda is a collection of short stories, but this is a pure and single love story. 

This is my 1st English book which I read in 2017. "When Only Love Remains", the title of this book attracted me to read it. But, one of my friend had inspired me to read any love story novel to improve my English knowledge. So, I started reading this, but the description of the girl on whom the story is based on attracted me more, so continuously I read the book. 

But, my reading and understanding power was very poor, so I took a number of days to finish my 1st English Novel. This novel was written by Durjoy Datta. After finishing this book, I become his fan and yes, he had described every bit so attractively, I've imagined that girl Avantika in my mind. This was the 1st time, I've drawn an image in my mind by reading the descriptions.

I'm thankful to Sulagna Mam for this lovely chain challenge. For her, I shared some of my experiences about those lovely books. Since I've written the book reviews, but my feelings are different than those.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Chromebook for the Project Tiger- In a collaboration with Google by Wikipedia

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Chromebook for the Project Tiger- In a collaboration with Google by Wikipedia
Project Tiger is a collaboration project of Wikipedia with Google to improve the articles of Indic Wikipedia projects like Odia, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Panjabi, etc. For this project, Google would help the writer by donating Internet charges for 3 months and Laptops to 50 volunteers. And within these 3 months (March, April & May), those who write the highest articles with the proper guidelines would be awarded by 3000 rupees and the lowest two others would get 2000 and 1000 accordingly.

So, I've applied for a laptop, so that I could contribute more than as usual. I must thank Sailesh Patnaik for guiding me to apply for the laptop. After verifying all the applied lists, the final result had out and my username "ssgapu22" was on the 33rd number with other 4 Odia Wikipedia friends.

On 16th March, I got an e-mail from Tito da to submit the address to get the laptop. So, I've submitted the address of my PG, where I'm staying right now in Bangalore. After 30 minutes, he pinged me on Facebook and called me to the office. So, I could receive the laptop directly.

So, I reached there at the CIS-A2K office to receive the laptop. There were Tanveer, Gopala, and Tito da and later Ananth joined us. I met them at Mysore for TTT 2018. It was like a reunion with them. After a short conversation with Ravi, I unboxed the laptop and Tito da did the live telecast on Facebook. But in the video, I was looking very bad, but somehow they tolerate that.

In that box, there was an Acer Chromebook. I had experience with the Windows operating system and Linux OS, but this was a little different. Since this has the Chrome browser only and all are available online. So, Tito da described some about the Chromebook to me.

Now, I must say something about this laptop. It doesn't have any hard disk drive so we couldn't store the movies. So, all the time we hold it must work and all those works could be done online. So we could focus more on Wikipedia works. The power backup is outstanding, around 10 to 12 hours. So, power failure doesn't affect the work. And yes, with a short update of Chrome OS, the Google Playsote activated so we could download the play store apps directly.

By getting this laptop, I started working on this and all those online works are done easily. Previously, when I was using other laptops, the works took longer than as usual since the slow processing, but here that problem avoided. Finally, this laptop would definitely help me for the Wikipedia works. Since I'm working on 1WikiYear in Odia Wikipedia and Wikisource on a particular subject. So, after completing those works I have to write an article for the Project Tiger from the list. 

Seven Favorite Book Covers in 7 Days- Day 1

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Seven Favorite Book Covers in 7 Days- Day 1
Today, on 26th March 2018, Sulagna Mohanty (Sulagna apa) had tagged me in a Facebook post which is actually a book cover photo challenge. According to that challenge, I need to post 7 cover photos of my favorite books in coming 7 days. As per the rule, we have to post the covers only without any explanations, without any reviews.

But, I have that bad nature to explain about myself, that's why I've explained about every photo at the time of "Seven black and white pictures of your daily life Photo Challenge". So here only I could explain the book covers I've shared there. 

On this 1st day, as soon as I got that notifications on Facebook, the 1st book came into my mind was her 1st book which is a collection of short Odia stories published on 26th June 2017. All those stories are related to the society. When I bought that book, I had finished that within 4 hours. After that, I had written an full review of that book which was my 1st review of any book. So, I've shared that book on this 1st day. Since I've not read a huge number of books, but I read some books. So I would share my other favorite books accordingly.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

One of my Story with Gulugula (ଗୁଲୁଗୁଲା)

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One of my Story with Gulugula (ଗୁଲୁଗୁଲା)
Gulugula, this is the name of an Odia food. Usually, people prefer it for their breakfast. Some years ago, this was the best breakfast for us, but now some other foods took its place. But the emotions with this food would remain like that.

There was a time when we used to eat this as our breakfast since it was cheap in comparison to others and available in every small shop to big shops. Most people prefer this because it won't make you hungry for a long period. 

In my school days, I used to go to a tuition which was 6 to 7 kilometers away from my home and in the morning, I had to reach there before 5.30. After the 1st regular mathematics class, I had another class for the optional mathematics. So, this was my life in those 2 months of summer vacations. 

Photo: Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar

Friday, 23 March 2018

Raid: Movie Reviews

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Raid: Movie Reviews
Since the plot of the movie is based on a real story, they have shown everything in a real way by adding some punch dialogues which attract people more. 

Ajay Devgan played the role of an income tax officer as Amay Patnayak and Ileana D'cruz played the role of his wife as Malini Patnayak. Amay got 49 transfers in just 7 days for his loyalty. He collected some big information from some stranger and went on the raid to the home of an MLA in UP who is well known as Tauji there with the permission from the Govt. 

Initially, they couldn't find anything, but with the guidance of the informer, they recovered a huge amount of black money. After that Tauji tried to bribe him, but he refused and Tauji requested to allow him to go out. He allowed him and sent him out. Tauji went to all the minister from CM to PM. Finally, PM called Amaya t stop the raid, but Amay demands the order written, so PM also bent after him. 

But the innocent people who don't have any idea about Tauji came to attach the IT officers, but somehow Amay succeed to save them and he stayed there till the force came to rescue, he protect all the raid amount from those people. 

The performance of Ajay, Ileana, and Sourabh Shukla are outstanding. I think this is the style of Ajaya's work. Music in the movie is also good. The cinematography is also good.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety- Movie Review

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 28, 2018 2
Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety- Movie Review

The story starts with a boy, Sonu who is an event planner and he has a friend, Titu who always needs him. Sonu decides everything about Titu. That's why Titu broke up with her girlfriend as Sonu advised him. After that Titu's marriage fixed with another girl named Sweety. But Sonu doesn't like to share his Titu with anyone else, so he tried various tricks to stop their marriage. But Sonu couldn't find a way to stop their marriage. So finally, he blackmailed Titu emotionally to stop the marriage and Titu ran away from marriage for his one and only best friend.

The performance is good. All played their role as per required. But, I love the role of Alok Nath ji, the Babuji in a different getup. The music of the movie declared super hit for the topmost composers and singers. Music is good. The cinematography is also good. They show the required scenes.

But, the plot of the movie is not so good, it's not that much interesting as we wished. But, hopefully, some comedies have done by all. I would give a 2.5 star to the movie.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Pad Man- Movie Review

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 15, 2018 2
Pad Man- Movie Review

The story begins from the 4th night of a guy. He loved his wife more than his life. Sometimes, more and more love creates more problem. But his love is for a reason. He wanted to protect his wife from the dangerous diseases, but due to poverty, he couldn't buy the things which could protect her. So, he made some pad by himself, but those couldn't pass is his 1st experiment.

But, he tried many times with different techniques to prepare the pads. When the villagers knew about his experimental work, they threw him out of the village. Then, he went to learn some technique to make the pad. And finally, with a lot of struggle, he prepared a machine, which makes useable pads.

Then he attended a science exhibition in IIT, Delhi and got the president award. Then he decided to make pads and sell those at a low cost. Then he got call form foreigners for talk show and his villagers' finally accepted him with pride. The dialogue, I love from the movie is "Cheap". Nothing is cheap, we have to pay a lot to make something cheap.

Akshaya Kumar performed his role very well. Radhika and Sonam also played their role good. Other side characters perfomed their role accordingly. The story of the movies could written in a better way, but described in a proper way. Music of the movie is also good. The cinematography is very good, they showed everything properly.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My Valentines Day

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 14, 2018 2
My Valentines Day

Once I read a story about a bottle which floats like this and reached its destination. Then I saw the same thing in the movie Shibamani of Akkineni Nagarjuna.

This is ValentinesDay, all are celebrating for that love, which needs proof in every single minute. But all those shown or written in those stories are for the time of reading or watching the movie.

I don't like Valentine's day where we have to prove how much we love others, how much we could spend on them. I need a day, when some could love me like my parents, someone could trust me like my sister do. That day would become my Valentine's day and every day should be valentines day.

Those who are celebrating in their ways, I never oppose them. Because they might love this way of love. But for a lover, every day should be valentines day. Every message he spread to others, should be the message of love and happiness.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Audio Magazine- Nababarsara Naksha

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Audio Magazine- Nababarsara Naksha

Dr Biswaranjan Kar had written 13 short stories describing about the eve of new year featured in the new Odia e-magazine Nabaplallaba which was released in this new year. Famous twitterate Akala Kushmanda had recorded these stories and Sambeet Das had drawn some lovely beautiful watercolors for every story. Hope you people would love this video.